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  • Delivered To Your Door

    Take a look at what you'll get for $29.99 a month (plus shipping)!

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    For Your Little Monster At Home

    A monthly mystery crate filled with all the scary stuff kids love!


    Every month, your child will receive TWO books and accompanying items related to the theme of the books!


    Each crate will contain:


    (1) Brand new, never before published Creep World series book by author Luther Darkmore!


    (1) Additional children's novel featuring monsters, ghosts and other spooky creatures, from assorted authors.


    PLUS additional items such as toys, activities, posters and other fun stuff!



  • Encourage Your Child to Read


    Kids love story-telling, but they need the right motivation to get them reading on their own.

    Let us help with a subscription to a kid's monster club!


    Our Monster Crates will ship from our headquarters to your doorstep once a month, always bringing two frightfully fun tales of suspense and horror suitable for kids ages 8 to 12, along with related toys and activities to stimulate their creativity and imagination!


    Let us help foster a love of reading in your child!

    Join Monster Crate Club today!

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    Get A Free Book

    Not familiar with the Creep World series?  Here's a chance to read one of the books. 

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